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I help you > Reach The Right Audiences > With The Right Messages > Through The Right Channels

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The best football teams don’t win by throwing a desperation “Hail Mary” pass. They win by consistently moving the ball forward. Together we will create a plan and work the plan to enhance your credibility in the marketplace.

We boost our clients to get more sales
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Paul Carr is an experienced marketing leader, helping clients achieve success in telling their stories to customers and clients.

He has handled marketing or public relations for a couple of hundred clients and thousands of projects, for both businesses and non-profits, in industries including health care, hospitals, higher education, service businesses, sports marketing, technology, commercial real estate, food manufacturing, food trucks, churches, social services, donor development, and more.

His ability to quickly evaluate our current strategies and give us ideas on which market segments would be most receptive to our messaging was extraordinary.

CASA of Bell & Coryell Counties

Your input on our business model was spot on. We have used so many of your ideas… You were able to get us to focus our marketing attention on the message.

Neal Architectural Group, Inc.

The overall professionalism of materials produced by Paul and his team gives Baylor a competitive edge and presents the university as one of the best in the nation.

Baylor University

Paul greatly expanded our social media and marketing efforts; modernized websites for McLane Group operating companies. He put the company and others success as the first priority.

McLane Group

The Waco clinic is in a bigger market and has been open longer, but the new Temple clinic has grown faster and already has more patients than Waco thanks to your work in Temple.

Coryell Health

Thanks SOOOO much for all your help on these.  I think the donor will be pleased, the community will be educated and TSA will benefit. Your work is always excellent!

Salvation Army of Bell County

I help you > Reach The Right Audiences > With The Right Messages > Through The Right Channels

Option 1– Evaluation

Option 1 is for leaders who want an evaluation of their overall marketing efforts, to focus on the right audiences with the right messages through the right channels. This option is for leaders wanting a snapshot of where your marketing is today, and a plan for where it should be headed tomorrow.

Option 2 – Fractional CMO

Option 2 offers ongoing consulting as your fractional chief marketing officer. You and your team can implement the choices made, but you need regular conversations with an expert to help evaluate and guide your decisions.

Option 3 – CMO Plus

Option 3 includes the wisdom and guidence of your fractional chief marketing officer in Option 2, plus hands-on assistance to get the jobs done. This includes creating content personally, directing your in-house staff, or managing your external designers. If your question is, “can you help us get it done,” then my answer is “Yes!”

I help you identify
the right audiences for
your best-selling services.

We Build Relationships

I get to know you and your business, so my recommendations and ideas are focused on you.

We Review All Channels

Integrated Marketing also includes public relations, advertising, community relations and events. I’ll advise what should work best for your company or non-profit. Most clients do not need everything. All clients need to focus and be intentional to improve sales.

I help you target
the right messages
to the right audiences.

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Current and Previous Clients

Paul Carr has worked for some of the best companies and non-profits in Central Texas.

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  • Marketing Guidance


As a former head of marketing for a Big 12 University and a Texas billionaire, I work with companies to create a personalized marketing plan of action based on your highest potential customers and your highest profit products and services.

  • People Come First

Step 1

The first step is a thorough discussion to identify each of your audiences for your most lucrative products or services, and then to prioritize the ones that are most likely to engage with you soon.

  • Focused Messaging 

Step 2

The second step is to craft messages that resonate with your customers, adjusting the message to solve problems for each of your audiences. To boost sales, match the right message about the right product to the right audience.

  • Create a Plan

Step 3

The third step is to create a marketing plan for reaching each of your audiences. It is rare to be able to do everything at once. So your new marketing plan will prioritize your steps giving you a clear plan of action. To increase sales, you have be intentional about your marketing.

  • Work the Plan

Step 4

The final step is to work the plan. You can take over here and handle it in-house, or you can hire me to work with you to get things done. The key is to begin working the plan step by step. Being consistent over time. No single tactic scores every time. But consistent integrated marketing efforts grow businesses.

Don't chase every new app.

You get better ROI when you focus on what works for your business.

Social Media is Not One, but a Group of Channels

Be Selective

graphic of social media icons

“Small businesses and non-profits do not need to chase every social media app. Choose the ones that reach your audiences.


For B2C, every company should have Facebook & Instagram. Add SnapChat & Tiktok for youth, Pinterest for women.

For B2B, LinkedIn is key."

Paul Carr

Marketing, Public Relations Expert

Public Relations is a Another Channel

Be Intentional

Public Relations is often called "earned media," while advertising is called "paid media." PR is earned because you have to earn the media's attention and coverage. PR is story-telling, and every story needs a news hook to capture the media's interest.

With my background as a news reporter, I have skipped past hundreds of media releases because they did not treat me as the first audience. A PR release must meet a reporter's need for a good story. That means I won't write or submit a release that wastes a reporter's time.

In the past year, multiple clients have earned media coverage numerous times on four different Central Texas television news channels, four area newspapers, a couple of city magazines, a local radio station and with a local news blogger. Why? Because I worked with those clients to find newsworthy stories.

Good public relations can be focused on influencing external audience or internal audiences. Yes audiences can be potential new customers, clients or donors, but your audiences also include current customers, clients, donors, contractors, vendors, patients, students, parents, staff, volunteers, etc.

Adjusting your messages for each audience while holding fast to your brand is essential integrated marketing at its best.

1-time review vs. ongoing help

I work with two types of clients:

1) Business leaders who need Option 1 – a one-time review of current marketing along with advice and direction so they can focus their in-house marketing efforts;

2) Teams who prefer Option 2 – ongoing coaching or Option 3 – ongoing coaching and a hands-on partner to come alongside to help get things done.

Not every business or non-profit needs the same things. I help you identify your primary audiences, the key messages they need to hear, and the channels that reach them best. Then we create a plan to help you tell your story to grow your business. It is like having your own chief marketing officer!

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Let’s Make Things Happen Together

Consistent, steady marketing to
> Reach The Right Audiences
> With The Right Messages
> Through The Right Channels
is crucial in reaching new customers.

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